We can make the world a happier place, one family at a time, one child at a time and one meal at a time.

I am Maggie Jeninga, a healthy lifestyle coach and personal trainer, turned stay at home mom and now the founder of Maggie’s Fresh Kitchen.  My vision is to:

  1. Give families a resource to be able to cook fresh, healthy, from scratch meals using no artificial ingredients
  2. Make my readers feel capable and confident in the kitchen
  3. Bring families back to the dinner table

What sparked the initial idea for Maggie’s Fresh Kitchen?

As mentioned I am a stay at home mom to three amazing children. Oliver (2013), Lucia (2016), and Rylie (2018) my mission since having children was to provide nourishing food for their growing bodies.  While I did this I used my personal social media pages to spread my education and knowledge to my friends and family.

I noticed a trend, everyone had questions on HOW to do to what I did. How to shop? How to cook? Which recipes to use? How to plan?

I wanted to help parents and take some of their stress away.  Along with helping parents learn how to plan and cook nourishing meals for their families, I want to create a time for families to sit and eat together. The news is flooded with doom and gloom every day, it makes parents (myself included) scared for the world around us and what our children will be growing up in.  I truly believe that we parents need to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and get to know our kids.  Know what is going on with them, what they are feeling, what their hopes and dreams are, and be the rock and cheerleader they need.  This can be scary, we are so consumed with technology we are forgetting how to talk with one another losing personal connection.  I want to make the dinner table a safe space for families to be together again, to share a meal with each other without the distraction of technology and to really communicate.