Our mission is to provide every family a plan to feed their children fresh, healthy and clean meals no matter what their schedule

I have found throughout my career that the biggest barrier parents face when trying to cook healthy meals was the planning. They weren’t sure where to start, what to buy and which recipes to use; that’s when I knew I had to take the guesswork out of dinner and provide a plan for parents in an easy to follow system.

There are numerous studies that link diet to children’s behavior, performance, focus, plus many more. Most of those studies link additives, preservatives, dyes and added sugar as the cause, I truly believe that parents want to feed their children what’s best, but in today’s world it is very hard to know what that is. My system takes out all the questionable ingredients and keeps it simple with easy to use vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat/fish.

Our vision is to bring families back around the dinner table

Family dinner time is becoming less and less common. My hope is to restore that bonding time and create a safe space for our children to talk with us, without the distraction of technology. I hope to provide families fun conversation pieces and activities to do together, even if it’s just a short hour at dinner a few times a week. The vision of bringing families together is one that truly makes me keep moving forward.

And mostly I hope to boost the confidence of today’s kids and turn them out in the world ready to take on the day!