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This morning I got up, started the kids breakfast, got Oliver ready for school and posted a picture of an apple pie on Instagram.  After preschool drop off I came home, baked banana bread, pickled some carrots and photographed both to do a write-up for the blog. I did all of this while staying completely plugged into WGN9 News and watching the horrific tragedy in Vegas unfold.  I have been feeling guilt today and I couldn’t pinpoint why, until this evening it hit me like a ton of bricks. This is the LARGEST MASS SHOOTING IN MODERN US HISTORY and I am posting pictures of apple pies and baking, while so many people are suffering.  Are we so immune to these acts of evil that we are unphased!?!? So many people have the cliche saying of “our thoughts and prayers are with the victims” and that is a wonderful thing to say, if you mean it.  Did you actually take a second today to say a prayer? I know I didn’t until this afternoon when the guilt was consuming me and I couldn’t figure out why. In this time, no matter what or who you believe in, we need to be turning to good things and good people. President Trump said today “In moments of tragedy and horror America comes together”. Yes Mr. Trump, you are correct, but WHY does there have to be tragedy and horror for us to come together? Why can’t we do this everyday out of the kindness of our hearts? So while I don’t have a very large platform (yet), according to Google Analytics people are actually reading what I have to say, so I am going to use it to give you my two cents…….

  • They say you can’t let the fear consume you, and that we have to go about living our lives. Let me tell you as someone who generally has no fear, and has a little bit of an edge and badass attitude, I’m scared. I’m not scared for me, I’m scared for the world we will be handing down to my children, and their children. We need to find a way to overcome this, and beat out evil through love so OUR children have a chance at a happy life. I hope to do this by teaching my children kindness, acceptance, the value of diversity, politeness, and the power of prayer.  Don’t underestimate the simple act of kindness that is saying please and thank you.  Those characteristics will take our children a long way.
  • It is obvious that most of these shooters are wanting the attention, and they are willing to take innocent lives to get it. We say let’s talk about the heroes in the story and not give the villain his/her media spot.  Ok yes TRUE, very TRUE. Our brave first responders absolutely should be who we are talking about. But lets think for a second, why so many of these attention starved people are emerging left and right. I can’t help but think it’s because of the distracted world we live in.  Parents are constantly on their phones (hello, I’m totally guilty of this too), teachers are so distracted by the ridiculous testing standards they are held to, bosses are so overworked they can’t possibly keep up with the whole team they manage and friends have become so busy that it’s near impossible to just stop by for a cup of coffee and conversation anymore. So as a consequence, nobody really feels connected.  This disconnection is becoming more and more apparent, we need to do better! We need to connect on a personal level, not just through a computer screen! I vow today, that when my children are awake and with me, my attention is given 100% to them.  I vow that when I see a girlfriend struggling with something, to give up my schedule or agenda and just be there IN PERSON for that friend, and I vow that if my husband has a rough day after work, to put down my laptop and not work that night, because a banana bread recipe can wait, my marriage cannot.  So please everyone reading, take those vows with me and lets start connecting our communities again one relationship at a time.
  • Back to my first point, I am scared, but I am not backing down. I will still go to that concert, I will still go to movies and amusement parks and I will still smile at every stranger I pass in those crowds because a simple act of kindness can turn anyone’s day around. I want my children to be warriors, and lead their friends down a right path (let’s be honest anyone who knows Oliver in person knows he will be Mayor by his 18th birthday!) I am scared, but I will still believe everyone is good until I am proven otherwise. I am scared, but I will pray every day and every night for the broken hearted, abandoned and mentally ill that they find their way.

I guess, this post turned into a general rambling of my feelings and thoughts of today, but the general point of it all is on my cover photo “do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” Romans 12:21. Be inspired to be good and do good, and not just in the wake of a tragedy, be good and do good every, damn day!

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