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3 Steps to Getting Rid of Mom Guilt

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Today’s Mom is too over stressed about perfection. These 3 Steps to Getting Rid of Mom Guilt will have you stress less and enjoy more.


What is Mom Guilt? My observation is it’s a feeling that has emerged in mothers because of a new age phenomenon to be consistently perfect and available 100% to the needs of their family.

Mommas! I am here to tell you, this idea is coined by unrealistic parenting standards and is 200% BS! I am only 4 1/2 years into this parenting thing, I haven’t gone through the rough teen years, nor do I have many years of wisdom under my belt. But as someone who has rarely ever felt “mom guilt”,  and still has an amazing and loving relationship with my children, I want to show you the light. I want you to enjoy life for you and along side your children. Trust me, they will thank you for it in the long run!

Read below for my 3 Steps to Getting Rid of Mom Guilt

1. STOP READING STUDIES: I’ve listed this as number one for a reason. My personal social media feed is filled with mostly mothers to young children, like myself, and I see hundred of studies posted on “what’s best” each week. Seriously ladies, think about it, who says!?!?! Who are these “experts” that have you so wound up in perfection? Do they know your individual child? Do they know you personally and the dynamic of your family? Absolutely not! So why are a bunch of researchers having such an impact on what YOU think is best for your children? We have a maternal instinct, it’s true and it’s real, all these studies are doing for you is making you second guess your already natural parenting response. And believe me, if your child gets a hold of a bag of dye filled cheetos, they will be OK! Maybe they go to bed past the optimal time, yeah it’s not going to ruin their brain activity for the rest of their lives, they will be just fine!

Bottom Line – trust yourself! Don’t let these studies clutter your brain with an idea of “the perfect parent” and do what feels right for yourself, your child and the rest of your family.

2. Self-Care: This may sound foreign to a lot of you reading, who are 100% available, 24/7, but it is absolutely crucial to your well being as a woman AND as a mother. Self care can be different for everyone, what I do personally is: exercise daily – without my kids on top of me!!!!, eat a healthy, organic diet – that I take the time to prepare myself and sit down and eat without a child on my lap, participate in spa services as needed – this isn’t something I do regularly, but if my body is feeling particularly tired, you bet I take the time out to get a massage, and I have several enjoyable hobbies, that do not involve my children. Pick 2 or 3 rituals that you do solely for yourself and nobody else. Start small if you have to and build up to a more regular routine.

Bottom Line – When you feel happy and good about yourself, you will have more confidence in your abilities all across the board, including your parenting.

3. Have a separate title other than Mom: Let me explain….Yes “Mother” is undoubtedly the most important title you possess at the moment, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing that defines you. You are a smart, INDIVIDUAL, woman and you deserve to share with the world all your amazing strengths. Some may even say it’s part of your human duty to share these gifts. Whether it be a career – inside our outside the home, volunteer opportunity or a club membership. Have something that takes you AWAY from your children from time to time……did you just gasp!? haha! Don’t! In my humble opinion, this forces your children into independence. A life skill that will be essential as they grow older. They may resist at first, but stick to your guns momma!

Bottom Line – Spending time away from your children will give them the opportunity to learn life skills for themselves.

Stay strong mommas! Remember “Mom Guilt” is just an unrealistic feeling of perfection that has no purpose in your home. You know what’s best, you are amazing, and you are doing a great job just simply by loving your children with everything you’ve got.

Love you all,

Maggie XOXO

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