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How I Stay Present With My Kids and Still Remain Successful

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There has been an issue that has been weighing on my heart lately, and I just had to get it off my chest. If you get my newsletter you’ve already heard about it briefly, but I think it’s important enough to dedicate an entire post. 

Most of my readers are Moms, and if you’re like me almost everyone in your circle either has a home-based business or a side hustle that they’re grinding at, am I right? I think this is absolutely amazing, and no other being on this planet can multi-task like a mother, let me tell you. The men try, but they just can’t hang with our skills. #sorrynotsorry

The unfortunate side effect of this phenomenon is, while we are trying to do it all, we are rarely present in the everyday routine kind of days.  Sure we make a point of it on special occasions, but we are missing the beauty that is surrounded by us each and every day. I am as guilty as they come! This past year I spent way too much time on social media and working on my business that I feel like I almost missed my kids growing up. I’ve implemented some changes these last few months that have made a world of difference, and guess what?!?! My success rate has gone up! Here is what I did:

1. I get all my computer and social media work done before the kids wake up, during nap time (my oldest is at school when my baby naps), and after they go to sleep.

2. Once we get home from preschool the phone goes on the charger in my bedroom, away from us until dinnertime. Dinnertime is obviously my bread and butter, so to make sure I’m still present with the kids they’re always involved in dinner prep, and even help me take the pics. I’ll take a quick 2 minutes to upload media to my stories or send over my pics that need to be edited to my badass brand manager. Then away the phone goes again. 

3. There are times when I feel super behind and just need a few hours to work, even when the kids are around. And mommas, these days are going to still happen, no worries. The point here is that we’re trying to minimize this time. When this happens, not gonna lie, I put on a Disney movie, get what I need to get done and then make it a point to do a super fun activity with them afterward.

4. This is going to be my biggest and best tip! HAVE A PLAN! I know for a fact the reason I started to get overwhelmed was because I was trying to overcomplicate the process and trying to do the job of 10 people. That just simply cannot happen. Have a plan for what you can realistically accomplish daily/weekly and stick to it. Take 5 minutes before bed each night and fill your free time for the next day with realistic expectations. Stay consistent with this plan and you will still find success.

5. Lastly, and most importantly, have realistic expectations for the growth of your business. Remember that the years with our little’s are years we’re not going to get back, so learn to be ok with a little slower growth than your 25-year-old sister who’s killing it (I could have too, if I was focused at 25, haha)! We’re all doing this for different reasons…whether it’s personal fulfillment, financial independence, just for fun, or to feel like something other than a “mom”. Whatever your reason, you will get there eventually. 

So, Mommas, I am proud of you, you’re all rockstars and doing a great job. But maybe put down those phones more often and study the gentle smiles of those little’s, because we know they’re going to turn into teenage anger faster than we would like! Your success is coming, I know it. Keep the faith and hopefully, we can share some champagne someday and talk about the time struggle in the beginning.

Love you all,

Maggie XOXO

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