Top 10 Things On My Bucket List

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Truth: I am a list-aholic! I have a to-do list, books to read list, movies to watch list, things to buy list, wishful things I want to buy list, travel list, business goals list and I’m sure I’m missing more. The point is I literally have a list for everything in my life, today I want you to get to know me a little better so I am going to share the Top 10 Things On My Bucket List.

So here we go, in no particular order……..

  1. Start a community garden that focuses on helping the less fortunate. I’ve spoke about this before, it absolutely makes my blood boil that our social norm is to help our less fortunate with “food like” products, rather than fresh food. I envision my awesome community working with me to cultivate a great space and allowing the people who need it to come pick at their leisure
  2. Write a book!! In my 35 years I have learned some valuable life lessons, mostly about charging my own path rather than following the one carved out for me. I have had to be strong in more situations that I would like to count, and I know that talking about some of my past decisions could help young women avoid the heartache I had to overcome. I have a passion for helping women especially on the topic of body image and “health”. You can read a little more about my opinions on my Open Letter to a Vanity Dieter post.
  3. Travel to all 5 countries my children have ancestry from. For this exact reason I refuse to do one of those DNA tests, because my OCD would kick in, and I really don’t want to have to travel to 50 countries! So for now I hope to travel to Ireland, Italy, Holland, Germany and Poland.
  4. Buy and live on a hobby farm. I envision my kids chasing chickens and grooming horses. Us having enough vegetables growing to feed the whole town. A beehive (all the way in the back of the property of course) for fresh honey and of course a killer modern farmhouse right in the middle.
  5. Complete a cross country road trip in an RV. I have an Airstream dealer down the street from me. I pass it everyday, and I picture myself and my family driving along with the most awesomely decorated vintage RV, stopping at all the major state parks and natural wonders of this great country.
  6. Lead a Moms Retreat. My coaching comes out with this wish. I see myself, with other moms on a tropical beach, eating delicious food, drinking wine, taking a break and recharging from the struggles and stress of motherhood. Until I can do this, Moms do me a favor and read these two posts on Time Management and Mantras!
  7. Open a community based business. I haven’t been called to the specifics of this yet, but I know it will be some kind of general store (think old town where people actually talked to each other), cafe, juice bar maybe?? Something along those lines to bring the community together.
  8. Go on a mission trip. I see these amazing opportunities presented through my church to go help around the world. I will be on one of those trips in my lifetime.
  9. Compete (and actually be competitive) in a CrossFit competition. These last two months I have taken a break from Crossfit, some because of family reasons and some because I have an irrational fear of losing the baby. But I love that I have found a sport that feeds my competitive spirit again, I am so grateful that this sport has gotten me over the “exercise for weight loss” mentality and into the “exercise for health” it’s truly been a blessing! Check out Healthy Living Vs Balanced Living for more tips on how to get into this headspace.
  10. Vacation on a water hut in fiji. This one is for total luxury and nothing else, ha!! You always see those ads of the amazing huts out on the water overlooking crystal clear blue water, yeah I’m going to be on one of those!

I hope this gives you a little more insight into all things “me”. I would love to hear more about you! Share the #1 thing on your bucket list in the comments!

Love you all,

Maggie XOXO

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